CrowdX Tiers & Access

CrowdX dApp is powered by VETTER token. To access each of the CrowdX dApp features you do not need to spend VETTER. Simply hold VETTER in a dApp compatible wallet and connect the wallet.


Tier 0: Hold 0 - 9999 VETTER

Tier 1: Hold 10000 - 24999 VETTER

Tier 2: Hold 25000 - 99999 VETTER

Tier 3: Hold 100000 - 499999 VETTER

Tier 4: Hold 500000+ VETTER

For a review of each feature available at these Tier levels, see Tiers and Features.


There are 3 bonus levels referred to as Diamond Levels 1, 2 and 3. Those holding enough VETTER to reach a diamond level status also have Tier 4 access, plus the bonuses below. The diamond levels give additional allocations and royalty shares to those participating in the VSL staking program.

Diamond 1 - 10X VSL Staking Multiplier Hold 1 Million+ VETTER for a 1000% increase in your staking multiplier.

Diamond 2 - 15x VSL Staking Multiplier Hold 2.5 Million+ VETTER for a 1500% increase in your staking multiplier.

Diamond 3 - 20x VSL Staking Multiplier Hold 10 Million+ VETTER for a 2000% increase in your staking multiplier.

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