Staking Packages

Skylabs VSL staking offers both ‘no-lock staking’ and ‘lock-in staking’ packages. You are not required to select a ‘lock-in’ package to participate in the Skylabs Launchpad presale allocation and royalty revenue sharing opportunities. However, the ‘lock-in’ staking packages do offer additional bonuses for those who want to take advantage of them. The ‘lock-in’ bonus packages can vary month-to-month, or season-to-season. Once you ‘lock-in’ a bonus package you will continue receiving the bonus associated with that package for as long as you leave your staked tokens in that package, even if the offer for that package has ended and is no longer available to others. This provides an element of gamification because these ‘lock-in’ packages will often be available for a limited time or supply. While ‘no-lock staking’ does not prevent stakers from withdrawing at any time (even if it’s minutes after the staking was initiated) there is a 20% early withdrawal fee for those who withdraw sooner than 3 days after they stake. After that 72-hour window there is no early withdrawal penalty.

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