Skylabs (VSL) Introduction

Skylabs is powered by its native BEP-20 token (VSL) and houses two independently functioning launchpad platforms — Launchpad and Vsale. Stakers of VSL get guaranteed allocations in exclusive projects launching off the Skylabs Launchpad, as well as royalties from shared revenue generated from the VSL buy-sell tax and both launchpads. Stakers receive 100% of the VSL buy tax and 33.33% of the sell tax, as well as 20% of revenue generated from both Launchpad and Vsale once the buy and sell tax are removed from DEX’s to make way for mass marketing through CEX’s. Staking is non-custodial and controlled entirely by the staker. This means it is negotiated between the staker and smart contract with no possibility of interference from an individual or future governing team (see CertiK staking audit). No individual or group can restrict withdrawals or remove staked tokens for use in high-risk investment schemes, as is the risk with custodial staking models.

The tokenomics for VSL is deflationary. This means tokens cannot be minted and there is a burn mechanism decreasing supply over time. New tokens cannot be added to circulation to pay stakers or other contributors – a common practice that puts excessive selling pressure on many early-stage cryptocurrencies.

Only VSL stakers can participate in top-tier projects launching off Skylabs Launchpad.

The criteria used to select projects for Skylabs Launchpad include proprietary cutting-edge technology innovation and/or competitive market positioning, along with strong fundamentals and a clear path to revenue.

Skylabs Vsale is a separate launchpad from the Skylabs Launchpad.

Vsale follows the standard “open launch” model giving developers a hub to launch projects to the public while locking liquidity.

Unlike Skylabs Launchpad, you do not need to stake VSL to participate in Vsale launches.

This also means you do not get guaranteed allocations on Vsale launches and projects are not exclusive as they are with Skylabs Launchpad.

Vsale is included under the Skylabs umbrella because its revenue contributes to royalties received by VSL stakers.

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