Presale Allocation Shares

Skylabs gives VSL stakers guaranteed allocations in exclusive, top-tier projects launching off Skylabs Launchpad. This means eligible stakers are ensured an opportunity to participate in all qualifying Skylabs presale launches. To be eligible to participate in a presale you must stake a minimum of 100,000 VSL tokens and submit your BNB allocation before a given presale closes. The more VSL you stake in proportion to the total amount staked by the community, the more BNB you can allocate in a given project, and the more tokens you receive when that project launches onto a DEX and/or CEX for the first time. For every 100,000 VSL staked, participants receive 1 share in the presale allocation pool. They also receive fractional shares when staking varying amounts over 100,000 VSL.


99,000 staked VSL = 0 presale allocation shares 100,000 staked VSL = 1 presale allocation share 150,000 staked VSL = 1.5 presale allocation share 200,000 staked VSL = 2 presale allocation shares 225,000 staked VSL = 2.25 presale allocation shares 300,000 staked VSL = 3 presale allocation shares 305,400 staked VSL = 3.054 presale allocation shares 1,000,000 staked VSL = 10 presale allocation shares 1,750,000 staked VSL = 17.5 presale allocation shares 10,000,000 staked VSL = 100 presale allocation shares

There is no limit to the number of VSL you can stake to receive more presale allocation shares in the pool.

A staker’s total presale allocation for a newly launching project is based on the total amount of VSL they have staked in proportion to the total staked by the community when any given presale closes.

If you submit more BNB for a project than your final allocation allows, this is returned by the smart contract when you collect your presale tokens (after the presale is finalised).

  • See Multiplier Bonus section to learn how holding Vetter token can increase your royalty and allocations by as high as 20x!

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