More on Skylabs Vsale

Skylabs Vsale is a separate launchpad from Skylabs Launchpad. While they are both part of the same ecosystem, Skylabs Launchpad has a stricter qualifying process in regard to the projects earmarked for launch. Vsale follows a standard decentralised model giving developers an open hub to launch their projects and lock liquidity without a strict qualifying process.

If a project submits a request to launch from Skylabs Launchpad but is not accepted, they will be referred to Vsale, which generates shared revenue for VSL stakers.

Unlike Launchpad, you do not need to stake VSL token to participate in Vsale launches. This also means you do not have guaranteed allocations and projects are not exclusive.

While the community does not select projects launching from Vsale as they do with Launchpad, Vetter Scouts sift through projects launching at Vsale and share top picks on the CrowdX dApp.

VSL stakers receive shares of revenue generated at both launchpads (see Royalty Shares for details).

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