CrowdX (VETTER) Introduction

CrowdX dApp is the second branch within Vetter’s ecosystem using its own set of smart contracts to provide never-before-seen tools for early-stage blockchain investors.

While Skylabs is powered by VSL token, CrowdX is powered by VETTER.

VETTER is a BEP-20 token, but the CrowdX dApp gives users access to proprietary data on projects launching across 16 different chains.

The CrowdX dApp requires users to hold VETTER in their wallet to access the features built into the smart contract, but users are not required to stake or spend their tokens for this access.

The first version of CrowdX dApp was released in October 2021 and has already surpassed 10,000 users. With new upgrades being added regularly, Vetter’s CrowdX dApp has quickly become the gold standard among early-stage blockchain investment tools.

Users are first to find newly launching projects and can pinpoint which projects have the highest probability for gains within specific timeframes (24-hours, 7-days or 30-days from their presale/launch date). The smart contract determines this by collating and ranking metric-based, verifiable and audited data shared by members who post projects onto the CrowdX dApp calendar.

New dApps for CrowdX are queued for release in Q4 2022 that will give access to news and technical analysis on hard-to-find microcaps before they’re widely known (see CrowdX roadmap).

Note that those who hold Vetter token in their wallet get a multiplier effect on their allocations and royalty shares when staking VSL token (see VSL Staking to learn more).

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