Royalty Shares

Instead of guaranteeing a set percentage yield to stakers, which would require either a high-risk custodial model where others are in control of your cryptocurrency and risk it with high-yield investment practices— or where yields are paid by minting more tokens, which dilutes token value— VSL ties royalties to the buy-sell tax and launchpad revenues, providing a solution that compounds royalties over time without the risk of losing it.

VSL stakers receive royalties from the buy-sell tax, and then 20% of revenues generated at both launchpad (Skylabs and Vsale) once the buy-sell tax is removed. Royalties from revenue generated via the buy-sell tax is distributed on a 24-hour cycle. During each cycle 100% of the buy tax and 33.33% of the sell tax is collected and distributed to eligible stakers.

It is possible for this distribution to occur multiple times per 24-hour cycle, depending on daily volume and admin availability (holidays, etc).

Royalties from revenue generated via the 20% shared launchpad revenue is on a 1-month cycle (to allow time to calculate, administer and convert currencies via the buy-back program into VSL for distribution). During each cycle, the collected revenues get distributed to eligible stakers.

It is possible for this distribution to occur multiple times within a one-month cycle depending on volume during the cycle. It’s important to underscore that because the shared revenue generated from each launchpad is converted from other cryptocurrencies into VSL, distributing these royalties serves as a buy-back protocol creating upward buying pressure for VSL (see tokenomics).

As with presale allocations, you must stake a minimum of 100,000 VSL to be eligible for royalty shares. For every 100,000 VSL staked, participants receive 1 royalty share in the pool. They also receive fractional shares when staking varying amounts over 100,000 VSL.


99,999 staked VSL = 0 royalty shares 100,000 staked VSL = 1 royalty share 105,000 staked VSL = 1.05 royalty shares 125,000 staked VSL - 1.25 royalty shares 200,000 staked VSL = 2 royalty shares 250,000 staked VSL = 2.5 royalty shares 300,000 staked VSL = 3 royalty shares 1,000,000 staked VSL = 10 royalty shares 4,000,000 staked VSL = 40 royalty shares 5,123,111 staked VSL = 51.23111 royalty shares

There is no limit to the number of VSL you can stake to receive more royalty shares in the pool.

The amount of royalties received during a cycle depends on the amount of revenues generated via the buy-sell tax or the two launchpads, and the total amount of VSL you have staked in proportion to the total staked by the community.

  • See Multiplier Bonus section to learn how holding Vetter token can increase your royalty and allocations by as high as 20x!

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