Project Selection Process

The process for selecting projects that see lift-off at Skylabs Launchpad helps to ensure that only the best projects meeting the criteria above get chosen.

Step 1: Blockchain teams seeking to launch on Launchpad submit a request for review.

Step 2: Anyone staking a minimum of 100,000 VSL and holding a minimum of 10,000 VETTER can vote on projects under consideration for launch at launchpad.

Step 3: The projects in highest favour are brought to the development team who have final say on whether or not they will support the technical implementation of the project. This development team is voted in by the community to work on behalf of the community and can be changed by community vote.

Step 4: The projects deemed to not meet the criteria to qualify for Launchpad will be referred to launch from the Vsale, which is an open launchpad that contributes value to the ecosystem by generating shared revenue to VSL stakers, while funding further ecosystem development.

A community-governed process is currently under development to ensure high standards continue to be met at Skylabs. This includes an in-house blockchain-authenticated voting contract that has already been created and used for several community-directed decisions.

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